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 Life in a Tech Shop - Stories

A Customer came in the store one Saturday afternoon and purchased a sound card..not an unusual event ..until later that afternoon I recieved a phone call..

The customer was having dificulty getting windows 95 to recognize his new PNP sound card and needed some help in installing the drivers..This happens quite frequently, and also was not unusual..

I went through the priliminary steps , asking if his old sound card was still installed in the machine , he said it was not..By doing so I eliminated the possibilty of the old sound card fighting for the same resources as the new one..

I then told  him to  install the new card ..he did so..I then told him to turn on his machine and let it boot into windows normally..Windows would find the "new hardware" and prompt him for the drivers, which I explained were on the CD that came with his new card..

At this point the customer interjected to say that his machine was already on...

I said "WHAT? YOU inserted  your  new sound card into your machine while it was RUNNING? YOU CAN'T insert that card HOT, YOU WILL BLOW your Motherboard.. "

His response was  "I was in "SAFE MODE" , I figured it would be ok..."

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