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 Life In a Tech Shop - About Me

I bought my first computer back in 1982, a Commodore 64. Since that time I've had a lot of jobs, from washing dishes to working as a courier for Brink's Armored car service in Seattle. Through out it all, I always kept computing as a hobby.

In 1998,  I got to do what most people dream of., turning a hobby into a carreer. I moved to the Oregon Coast to a sleepy little town called Bandon..I managed to start my very first business there, and for the most part it was fairly successful. For those of you who have never been to Bandon,  It is a beautiful

 place to live, but very tough to make a living there.  So here I am, back in the City, working in a Tech Shop doing what I enjoy.

I am constantly amazed on a daily basis on how people treat their computers. They don't treat their Stereos, or VCR's or their Televisions the way they treat their computers. Hopefully with a bit of humor, and some of the worst examples I can find. I can raise your home computer to it's rightful place of respect within your home.



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